Be the Change for Clean Water

Tree and Plant Sales

Native plants are where it's at! They are low maintenance, tolerant of pests, beneficial to wildlife, help prevent soil erosion and improve water infiltration and so much more! For more information on the benefits of native plants check out this fact sheet from the NRCS.

No matter where you live or work, your county Soil and Water Conservation District sells trees to help fund local conservation projects. Find your sale below!

Delaware County-  TBA

Fairfield County- TBA

Franklin County- TBA

Knox County- TBA 

Licking County- TBA

Madison County-  TBA

Morrow County- TBA

Union County- TBA

**Some sales include several non-native species that either help support wildlife or provide exceptional wind-breaking and erosion control. These include Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Spruce and Butterfly Bush.