Be the Change for Clean Water

Delaware County

Type of Pollution ConcernContact
Report the release of any material that impacts public health or the environment, including chemicals and petroleum products to:

Ohio EPA 24-hour hotline:

phone: (800) 282-9378
Home Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) Pollution

Delaware General Health District

phone: (740) 368-1700
If you see someone putting anything down a storm drain or directly into any body of water or ditch, obtain a license plate number or address and report it to:

Delaware County Sheriff's Office

 phone: (740) 833-2830
Other non-emergency pollution

Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District:

phone: (740) 368-1921

City of Powell

phone: (614) 885-5380

Village of Sunbury

phone: (740) 965-2684

Village of Galena

phone: (740) 965-2484

Village of Shawnee Hills

phone: (740) 889-2824